Youth Ministry

youth 2Young people in their teens face many challenges within themselves and in today's world. Among these personal challenges are the search for identity, how they will form meaningful relationships and what lifestyle choices are to be made. Some of these are easy decisions, while others are much more difficult. It is often hard for God to be squeezed into all the choices, all the relationships, all the questions, all the ups and downs of teen life. Most young people desire a relationship with God, but struggle with how to get started and keep it going.

Holy Cross Youth Ministry is an excellent way to keep young people thinking about their faith while acting on Catholic social teaching. There is a Senior Youth Group for students in High School and a Junior Youth Group for students in Grades 5 though 8. Each group meets on different evenings in the gym during the school year. 

For more information, contact Matt Butler at 732-842-0348.