Registration Information

Registration for the Holy Cross Religious Education Program

Before registering your child(ren) it is important that you carefully consider ALL your child(ren)’s activities for the upcoming year, September through May as well as your family vacation schedule. It is expected that the session day and time you choose will be set aside exclusively for your child’s religious education.  There will be no session changes once CCD has started. 


New Families and Students

Families new to the parish and /or families who wish to enroll children in the program for the first time contact the Office of Religious education to register.

We need Volunteers!  CCD is a volunteer organization and parent involvement is the key to the success of our Religious Education Program.  We need your help to keep the program working and growing.   For Volunteer Opportunities and job descriptions click on Religious Education, then the Volunteer Opportunities Tab.  For more information and to Volunteer call the Office of Religious Education.  


Re-Registration for Currently Enrolled Students

Re-registration for families with children currently enrolled in our religious education program will be facilitated on-line.  

Tuition, Fees and Volunteer sign up are located on the on-line form.  To re-register your child(ren) scroll down to the bottom of the Holy Cross Parish Home Page to Holy Cross Religious Ed to Re-Registration for Currently Enrolled Students and click on the link.   Have your Credit Card and Envelope Number on hand before registering.


INSTRUCTIONS for On-Line Re-Registration of Currently Enrolled Students:

  1. Go to the Home Page of the Holy Cross Parish Website           
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page to Holy Cross Religious Ed RE-REGISTRATION for currently enrolled students and click on the link.
  3. Look for the session and Religious Education grade your child(ren) will be entering in the fall.
  4. Check the session and grade level for each child.  Click REGISTER.
  5. Complete Buyer Info and Registration (your name and cell), then complete information on each child you are registering.  Enter child’s given name not nickname.
  6. Choose a VOLUNTEER POSITION you can fill. 
  7. Sign (click on the box) the Diocesan Promotional Release. 
  8. Before checking out, review your ORDER SUMMARY at the top of the page and review info to make sure it is correct.  Oops!  Wrong session/grade?  Just click on the “return arrow” at the top of the left hand corner of the page to begin again.
  9. Check-out and pay.


Religious Education Fees


Grade 1 & Grades 3 through 7:  $200 per child. 

Grades 2 & 8 (Sacrament years): $300 per child ($200 tuition + $100 Sacrament fee).  

PAYMENT is due at the time of registration.  Through the on-line re-registration process, you will be able to pay by credit card or check.  If you choose to pay by check, click on “Other Payment Options” at the bottom of the first page, and then click on “Pay Offline.”   Please make checks payable to Holy Cross CCD.  Attach printout of email confirmation to your check and mail to the Office of Religious Education, 30 Ward Ave. Rumson, N.J. 07760.  *Tuition refunds will not be given once CCD classes begin. 

Anyone in need of financial assistance should immediately contact the Office of Religious Education before registering.  A payment plan can be set up so that the tuition is paid by the September 1st deadline.

Class assignments will be distributed by email in the fall. Thank you for your dedication and faithfulness to our religious education program and for continuing to make our Catholic faith a priority in your family life!   We are happy to have your child(ren) in our program.

What to do if your family information changes during 2019-2020

If at any time during the year any pertinent family information changes, please call the Office of religious Education or click on the holy cross required info LINK below to update family info for each child registered in the program regarding:

  1. Family information (email address, phone numbers, home address etc.)
  2. Custodial Information: If this applies to your family be sure this information is correct.
  3. Child Information: Please give us the child’s given name (not nickname). Make sure all information is correct including Sacrament information.
  4. Special Needs: it is important that you inform us if your child has any special and/or medical needs.
  5. Emergency Contacts
  6. Sign/type your name and date the form.
  7. Sign/Type (click on the box) the Diocesan Promotional Release

LINK to update your Family Information: