Catechist Formation

catech1The Diocese of Trenton has mandated that all religious education teaching staff be Level I certified. These classes are very informative, and helpful to anyone teaching orassisting in the Religious Education classroom. The Diocese suggests that Level I certified catechists continue their religious education and formation through Level II and Level III (Full Certification) Certification. These classes are offered at various times and places throughout the diocese. Catechists can also opt to take these classes online.

Please call the Office of Religious Education at 732-842-0348, ext 218 for more information regarding all levels of catechist certification.

Level I Session Descriptions
Spirituality of the Catechetical Ministry
Spirituality of the Catechetical ministry is three fold. It encompasses the catechist, the student, and the family. This session will address spirituality of the catechist, children, and the family.

The Learning Environment
This session will propose techniques for setting the stage for effective learning. The following will be presented: creating a positive learning environment; setting realistic expectations; catechist student relationships; positive discipline procedures.

Methods and Resources
This session is designed to present various strategies and techniques for the teaching of religion. These elements will be explored: Effective use of the teacher’s manual; lesson planning; creative teaching techniques; use of videos, newsprint, posters, etc.

Introduction to Scripture
A brief overview of eth Bible will be presented, with a focus on how Catholics read the bible. Also, effective ways of incorporating the Bible into teaching situations will be explored.

diocoaIntroduction to Liturgy
This session is designed to present an overview of our Liturgy. It will explore the use of rituals and their meanings. Also, an understanding of the Liturgical year and ways of incorporating the study of Liturgy in teaching situation will be presented.

Introduction to Sacraments
The meaning of sacrament in our life will be examined. This will include an overview of the Seven Sacraments, their ritual celebration and ways of teaching the sacraments to children.