Faith Seeking Understanding

faith 1This group takes its focus from the teachings of the 11th Century theologian, philosopher, monk, abbot and Doctor of the Church, St. Anselm. Like St. Anselm, the group seeks to deepen their faith by personally exploring, and then embracing as their own, foundational principles of Church teaching.

At Holy Cross, the Faith Seeking Understanding group is a gathering of parishioners who meet weekly to discuss various topics related to the Catholic faith. Past series include in-depth studies of Catholic Morality, the writings of St. Augustine , Catholic Apologetics, the spiritual lessons in the Book of Job, and Papal Encyclicals. Often, the group itself determines the next topic of study.

The discussion is always challenging and thought-provoking. Participants meet with Father Manning after Evening Prayer at 7 PM on one Wednesday a month in the St. Michael Media Room in the school. All are welcome to attend when they are able; no pre-registration is required. Check the bulletin for the schedule and topic for each month. For more information, please call the Parish Office at 732-842-0348.